Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 19, No. 3/2020

1Charles H. Cho
Floriane Janin
Christine Cooper
Michael Rogerson
Neoliberal control devices and social discrimination: The case of Paris Saint-Germain football club fans pp. 409-443 Details
2Abdulrahman Aljabr
The influences on Activity-Based Costing adoption as an optimal costing system design: Evidence from Saudi Arabia pp. 444-479 Details
3Oana Marina Bătae
Voicu Dan Dragomir
Liliana Feleagă
Environmental, social, governance (ESG), and financial performance of European banks pp. 480-501 Details
4Elena-Mirela Nichita
Elena Nechita
Cristina-Lidia Manea
Diana Manea
Alina-Mihaela Irimescu
Reporting on Sustainable Development Goals. A score-based approach with company-level evidence from Central-Eastern Europe economies pp. 502-542 Details
5Richard G. Brody
Gaurav Gupta
Stephen B. Salter
The influence of emotional intelligence on auditor performance pp. 543-565 Details
6Alexey Nikitkov
REA model, its development and integration as an enterprise ontology framework pp. 566-594 Details
7Jahidur Rahman
Ning Zhao
Information technology capability and firm performance in the era of Big Data analytics: Evidence from the United States pp. 595-621 Details