Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 19, No. 2/2020

1Salma Damak Ayadi
Rahma Ben Salem
Asma Abdouli
Family presence in the firm’s capital and external auditor choice: Evidence from French listed firms p195..214 Details
2Amel Amiri
Sarra Elleuch Hamza
The transition to IPSAS standards: the extent of adoption and the influence of institutional, contingency and economic network factors p215..251 Details
3Wajdi Affes
The impact of tax rates on tax evasion: A macroeconomic study p252..282 Details
4Zeineb Feki Cherif
Salma Damak Ayadi
Saoussen Boujelben Ben Hamad
The effect of family ownership on accrual-based and real activities based earnings management: Evidence from the French context p283..310 Details
5Georgios Kolias
Nikolaos Arnis
Kostas Karamanis
The simultaneous determination of cash conversion cycle components p311..332 Details
6Recep Pekdemir
Nimet Duygu Zigindere
Ayca Zeynep Suer
Public interest oversight on professional accountancy: How do accountants perceive it in Turkey? p333..350 Details
7Cristea Lavinia Mihaela
Current security threats in the national and international context p351..378 Details
8Kishore Singh
Peter Best
Implementing Benford’s law in continuous monitoring applications p379..404 Details