Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 19, No. 1/2020

1Nalan Akdogan
Seval Kardes Selimoglu
Medine Turkcan
Sustainability accounting and corporate social responsibility in Turkey and in its region p5..32 Details
2Fatma Zehri
Inaam Zgarni
Internal and external corporate governance mechanisms and earnings management: an international perspective p33..64 Details
3Dusica Stevcevska Srbinoska
Marina Stojanova
Snezhana Hristova
Jadranka Mrsik
The impact of organizational characteristics on the adoption of contemporary cost management techniques by the textile industry in North Macedonia p65..88 Details
4Silvia Petre
Nadia Albu
Investigating IFRS compliance in transitioning countries: A qualitative study p89..112 Details
5Maria Vassiljev
The impact of fraud-themed course on students’ attitude to fraud. Does previous studies and background matter? p113..138 Details
6Marta Tache
The dynamics of audit market and financial reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards: the case of Romanian listed companies p139..157 Details
7Victoria Stanciu
Irina Bogdana Pugna
Mirela Gheorghe
New coordinates of accounting academic education. A Romanian insight p158..178 Details
8Quynh Nguyen
Corporate governance and earnings management in Vietnamese listed firms: A pitch p179..188 Details
9Kaymaz, M.O.
Kaymaz, O.
Addendum to the article: Kaymaz and Kaymaz (2019) Learning from oligopoly rivalry: Implications for business financial statements . Details