Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 18, No. 4/2019

1Olga Golubeva
Michel Duljic
Ripsa Keminen
The impact of liquidity risk on bank profitability: some empirical evidence from the European banks following the introduction of Basel III regulations p455..485 Details
2Anup Chowdhury
Nikhil Chandra Shil
Influence of New Public Management Philosophy on Risk Management, Fraud and Corruption Control and Internal Audit: Evidence from an Australian Public Sector Organization p486..508 Details
3Mike Onder Kaymaz
Ozgur Kaymaz
Learning from oligopoly rivalry: Implications for business financial statements p509..558 Details
4 Lassaad Abdelmoula
Habib Afess
Determining factors of the quality of joint audit: Tunisian context p559..587 Details
5Cristina Lidia Manea
Elena-Mirela Nichita
Alina Mihaela Irimescu
Determinants of entrepreneurship: an examination of entrepreneurial perception of students p588..613 Details
6Pall Rikhardsson
Kishore Singh
Peter Best
Exploring continuous auditing solutions and internal auditing: A research note p614..639 Details
7Haroon Iqbal Maseeh
Digital mobile advertising: A Pitching research letter p640..646 Details