Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 18, No. 3/2019

1Vaiva Kiaupaite-Grušniene
Lehte Alver
Comparability of cash flow statements: Evidence from Baltic Countries p307..329 Details
2Rahma Ben Salem
Salma Damak Ayadi
Rahim Kallal
Acculturation and accounting standardization strategies p330..356 Details
3George Marian Aevoae
Roxana Dicu
Daniela Mardiros
The determinants of ownership in M&As: An analysis of the stake purchases in Romanian acquisitions p357..378 Details
4Yaser Saleh Al frijat
Ibrahim Emair Albawwat
Values, ethics, and attitudes (IES 4) and earnings management from the viewpoint of the financial accountants at Amman Stock Exchange p379..398 Details
5Mofijul Hoq Masum
Nazmul Hassan
Tasnin Jahan
Corporate climate change reporting: Evidence from Bangladesh p399..416 Details
6Khadija Dewu
Yasser Barghathi
The accounting curriculum and the emergence of Big Data p417..442 Details
7Ondřej Machek
Aleš Kubíček
Socioemotional wealth in gay-owned family businesses: A pitch p443..449 Details