Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 17, No. 1/2018

1Elina Haapamäki
How has IFRS impacted financial reporting for unlisted entities? p5..30 Details
2Michail Pazarskis
George Drogalas
Andreas Koutoupis
Mergers and accounting performance: Some evidence from Greece during the economic crisis p31..45 Details
3Mihai Carp
Constantin Toma
Timeliness of earnings reported by Romanian listed companies p46..68 Details
4Ahmed Al-Dmour
Maysem Abbod
Rand Al-Dmour
The impact of the implementations of the Sysrust’s framework upon the quality of financial reporting: structural equation modelling approach p69..99 Details
5Ahmad H. Juma’h
Yazan Alnsour
Using social media analytics: The effect of President Trump’s tweets on companies’ performance p100..121 Details
6Lumini?a Gabriela Istrate
Bogdan ?tefan Ionescu
The impact of macroeconomic variables on the evolution of the credit risk rate p122..136 Details
7Cristina-Florina ?icoi
Nadia Albu
What factors affect the choice of accounting as a career? The case of Romania p137..152 Details
8Mihaela-Emilia Marica
Positive and negative implications entailed by fixed-term employment contracts p153..166 Details
9Martin Jurek
Hybrid venture capital fundraising in emerging markets: A pitch p167..177 Details
10Qingxia (Jenny) Wang
A reverse engineered pitch on Cremers et al. (2015), “Aggregate jump and volatility risk in the cross-section of stock returns” p178..185 Details