Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 16, No. 4/2017

1George Drogalas
Michail Pazarskis
Evgenia Anagnostopoulou
Angeliki Papachristou
The effect of internal audit effectiveness, auditor responsibility and training in fraud detection p434..455 Details
2Marina Trpeska
Atanasko Atanasovski
Zorica Bozinovska Lazarevska
The relevance of financial information and contents of the new audit report for lending decisions of commercial banks p455..471 Details
3Voicu D. Dragomir
Conflicts of interest in business: A review of the concept p472..489 Details
4Justyna Fijałkowska
Beata Zyznarska-Dworczak
Przemysław Garsztka
The relation between the CSR and the accounting information system data in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries – the evidence of the Polish financial institutions p490..521 Details
5Łukasz Matuszak
Ewa Różańska
An examination of the relationship between CSR disclosure and financial performance: The case of Polish banks p522..533 Details
6Ioana Ignat
Liliana Feleagă
A European map regarding the strictness of the transfer pricing regulations p534..559 Details
7Hüseyin Temiz
Ömer Faruk Güleç
Mandatory adoption of IFRS in emerging markets: the case of Turkey p560..580 Details
8Sînziana-Maria Rîndaşu
Emerging information technologies in accounting and related security risks – what is the impact on the Romanian accounting profession p581..609 Details
9Victoria Stanciu
Andrei Tinca
Exploring cybercrime – realities and challenges p610..632 Details
10Bao Hoang Nguyen
Jia Chen
Gender impact of chasing dirty money policies: A Fantasy Pitch p633..640 Details
11Matthew Khong
Marisol Escobar
New money: are we ready to take on the impacts of a cashless society? A fantasy pitch p641..647 Details
12Stanislav Martínek
The investment strategies of sovereign wealth funds: A reverse engineered pitch p648..656 Details
13 Annual Pitching Research Letters Award for 2016, Volume 15 Details