Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 16, No. 3/2017

1Ömer Faruk Güleç
Timeliness of corporate reporting in developing economies: Evidence from Turkey p219..239 Details
2Slobodan Kacanski
The reputation driven interplay of relationships between clients and auditors in an auditor selection process: A multilevel network approach p240..267 Details
3Ezekiel Oluwagbemiga Oyerogba
Muyiwa Ezekiel Alade
Patrick Esiemogie Idode
Isaiah Ogungbade Oluyinka
The impact of board oversight functions on the performance of listed companies in Nigeria p268..296 Details
4Atila Karkacier
Fatih Coşkun Ertaş
Independent auditing effect on investment decisions of institutional investors p297..319 Details
5Victoria Bogdan
Ioana Teodora Meşter
Dana Gherai
Carmen Mihaela Scorţe
An analysis of the influences of individual optimism, risk taking and self-confidence on professional accounting judgment p320..343 Details
6Yasser Barghathi
Stakeholders’ perceptions on earnings management motivations and techniques in Libyan commercial banks p344.368 Details
7Victoria Stanciu
Mirela Gheorghe
An exploration of the accounting profession – The stream of mobile devices p369..385 Details
8Raluca Dimitriu
Unsettling trends in collective bargaining today p389..405 Details
9Haroon Iqbal
Hafiz Ahmad Ashraf
Impact of behavioral factors towards the adoption of mobile learning among higher education students in public and private universities: A pitch p406..412 Details
10Charlane Wong
How did they make it? An examination of online personal branding: A pitch p413..420 Details
11Ondřej Dvouletý
Determinants of Nordic entrepreneurship: A reverse engineered pitch p420..426 Details