Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 15, Nr. 4/2016

1Karol Marek KLIMCZAK
Marta Dynel
Anna Pikos
Goodwill impairment test disclosures under uncertainty p639..660 Details
2Ioannis Samaras
Stergios Athianos
Group accounting: the effect of IFRS adoption. The case of Greece p661..682 Details
3Anna Białek-Jaworska
A scientist in the board effect on recognition of R&D outcomes in private firms' reports p683..709 Details
4Fatih Coşkun ERTAŞ
Atila Karkacier
Effects of Turkish Accounting Standards application on independent audit procedures p710..731 Details
5Victoria Bogdan
Tomina Săveanu
Olimpia Iuliana Ban
Dorina Nicoleta POPA
Profiles. The way MA students perceive professional accountants and managers p732..756 Details
6Ioannis Diavastis
Evgenia Anagnostopoulou
Georgios Drogalas
Theofanis Karagiorgos
The interaction effect of accounting information systems user satisfaction and Activity-Based Costing use on hotel financial performance: Evidence from Greece p757..784 Details
7Liliana FELEAGĂ
Ioana Neacşu
Disclosure of related party transactions and information regarding transfer pricing by the companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange p785..809 Details
8Bogdan Alexandru Ratiu
A reversed engineered pitch based on Rietveld (2016), “Creating value through the freemium business model: a consumer perspective” p810..818 Details
9Nadarajah Sivathaasan
Corporate governance and leverage in Australia: A pitch p819..825 Details
10Matthew L. Brenner
Investigating chef-leader behaviour impacts on subordinate work team identification: A pitch p826..834 Details
11 Erratum Details