Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 15, Nr. 2/2016

1Cătălin-Nicolae ALBU
Cagnur Balsari
Introduction to the Special issue on Corporate Social Reporting in Central and Eastern Europe p193..205 Details
2Joanna Dyczkowska
Joanna Krasodomska
Jan Michalak
CSR in Poland: Institutional context, legal framework and voluntary initiatives p206..254 Details
3Halina Waniak-Michalak
Małgorzata Macuda
Joanna Krasodomska
Corporate Social Responsibility and accounting in Poland: A literature review p255..303 Details
4Raluca Gina GUŞE
Cristina CIRCA
Mădălina DUMITRU
The role of the stakeholders in the institutionalization of the CSR reporting in Romania p304..340 Details
5Camelia Iuliana LUNGU
Cornelia DASCĂLU
Dan Turcu
Mihaela Turturea
Archival analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility research: the Romanian perspective p341..371 Details
6Gönenç Demir
Melissa N. Cagle
A. Fatih Dalkiliç
Corporate Social Responsibility and regulatory initiatives in Turkey: Good implementation examples p372..400 Details
7Ümmühan Aslan
Seçil Sigali
Corporate social responsibility research in accounting: Evidence from Turkey p401..419 Details
8Peter Ellis
To find a standard format that measures the activities of a Micro, Small or Medium Business Entity. A Pitch p420..427 Details
9Dewan Mostafizur Rahman
Investor sentiment, Executive compensation, and Investment – Some International evidence: A Pitch p428..433 Details
10Ann Wallin
Amanda Spry
The role of corporate versus product brand dominance in brand portfolio overlap: A Pitch p434..439 Details