Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 14, Nr. 1/2015

1Cristina CIRCA
Green business: a brief financial profile of the Romanian eco-industry p5..35 Details
Cristina Lidia MANEA
Accounting education and its place in the Romanian economic education literature p36..59 Details
3Sihem Khemakhem
Younés Boujelbene
Credit risk prediction: A comparative study between discriminant analysis and the neural network approach p60..78 Details
Bank credit risk analysis with k-nearest-neighbor classifier: Case of Tunisian banks p79..106 Details
5Ahmad Bukola Uthman
Lukman Adebayo Oke
Mohammed Kayode Ajape
Zayyad Abdul-Baki
Murhtala Oladipupo Tijani
Curbing financial crimes with anti-graft bureaus in Nigeria: The accountants’ perception p107..127 Details
6George-Silviu Cordoş
Melinda Timea Fülöp
Understanding audit reporting changes: introduction of Key Audit Matters p128..152 Details
7Florin Dobre
Laura Brad
Radu Ciobanu
The value of discretionary accruals computed using both national and international standards p153..169 Details
8Ruxandra-Adriana Mateescu
Corporate governance disclosure practices and their determinant factors in European emerging countries p170..192 Details
9Ionelia-Alexandra Feldioreanu
Crina Seria
Corporate governance disclosure of banks in Romania and Malaysia and the quality of the web sites p193..216 Details
10Massimo Pollifroni
E-Government towards Transparency: a comparative analysis applied to the Italian Public Sector p217..233 Details