Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 13, Nr. 4/2014

1Robert FAFF
Alpha p607..622 Details
2Ioan-Bogdan Robu
Mihaela-Alina Robu
Marilena Mironiuc
Florentina Olivia Bălu
The value relevance of financial distress risk in the case of RASDAQ companies p623..642 Details
3Diana Elisabeta Balaciu
Victoria Bogdan
Adela-Laura Popa
“Colorful” approach regarding creative accounting. An introspective study based on the association technique p643..664 Details
4Karim Charaf
Ahmed Fath-Allah Rahmouni
Using importance performance analysis to evaluate the satisfaction of Activity-Based Costing adopters p665..685 Details
5Oladipupo Muhrtala Tijani
Ahmad Bukola Uthman
Zayyad Abdul-Baki
Lukman Adebayo Oke
Audit pricing, start-up cost and opinion shopping p686..718 Details
6Maria Ionela Damian
Sorana Mihaela Mănoiu
Carmen Giorgiana Bonaci
Jiří Strouhal
Bearer plants: Stakeholders’ view on the appropriate measurement model p719..738 Details
7Victoria STANCIU
Andrei TINCA
A critical look on the student’s Internet use – an empirical study p739..754 Details
8Bazil Oglindă
Contractual balance in the context of the post-economic crisis and the new Romanian Civil Code p755..773 Details
9Maria Mădălina Buculescu (Costică)
Bogdan Nicolae Velicescu
An analysis of the convergence level of tangible assets (PPE) according to Romanian national accounting regulation and IFRS for SMEs p774..799 Details
10Andrei Răzvan Crişan
Melinda Timea Fülöp
An analysis of the international proposals for harmonization accounts statement and government finance statistics p800..819 Details
11 Call for papers Details