Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 13, Nr. 1/2014

1Volkan Demir
Oguzhan Bahadir
An investigation of compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards by listed companies in Turkey p4..34 Details
2Ştefana Maria Dima
Bogdan DIMA
Ovidiu MEGAN
Luminiţa Păiuşan
A discussion over IFRS’ adoption in Islamic countries p35..49 Details
3Joanna Dyczkowska
Assessment of quality of internet financial disclosures using a scoring system. A case of Polish stock issuers p50..81 Details
4Zayyad Abdul-Baki
Ahmad Bukola Uthman
Mubaraq Sanni
Financial ratios as performance measure: A comparison of IFRS and Nigerian GAAP p82..97 Details
5Zahid Irshad Younas
Patrick Velte
Khadija Ashfaq
Audit pricing in China and Pakistan: a comparative review of audit practices p98..110 Details
6Elena Roxana Anghel-Ilcu
A theoretical model of code of ethics conceptualized from companies’ public disclosures on ethics p111..158 Details
7Uwalomwa UWUIGBE
Daramola Sunday Peter
Anjolaoluwa Oyeniyi
The effects of corporate governance mechanisms on earnings management of listed firms in Nigeria p159..174 Details
8 Notes for contributors Details