Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)


1Gheorghe VALCEANU
Claudia Elena ŞERBAN
Considerations regarding the company’s financial results analysis p6..13 Details
2Gheorghe VALCEANU
Claudia Elena ŞERBAN
Company’s diagnosis analysis P14..21 Details
3Irina Daniela CIŞMAŞU
Sensitivity analysis – support for assisting decision making P22..34 Details
4Irina Daniela CIŞMAŞU
Economic - financial elements and instruments used in the application of sensitivity analysis P35..46 Details
5Daniela ŢUŢUI
Company in dificulty – degrading process and methods of financial analysis P47..53 Details
6Miahela Diana NEGESCU
Financial information – support for decision making p54..59 Details
7Luiza ONEA
Decision making based on direct costing p60..65 Details
8Luiza ONEA
ABC method – utility in the decision-making process p66..70 Details
9Raluca RUSU
The impact of the international accounting harmonization on corporate finance p71..80 Details
10Cristian Silviu BANACU
Evaluation methods used in the real estate management p81..88 Details
11Raluca Florentina CREŢU
Florentina Olivia BĂLU
Romeo Catalin CRETU
The cost-benefit analysis, instrument supporting the administration of environment externalities p89..98 Details
12Anisoara Niculina DASCHIEVICI
Florin Ovidiu HURJUI
The evaluation of investment projects – financial approach and evaluation methods p99..109 Details
Depreciation methods for the tangible assets and effects of their application on the financial results of enterprises p110..114 Details
14Eduard Dinu
Analysis instruments for functional costs p115..120 Details
15Cristina DRUMEA
Conceptual and operational complementarity between financial diagnostic and strategic diagnostic at the company level p121..125 Details
16Anca Maria HRISTEA
Information milestones of commercial diagnosis in the analysis of the company’s activity p126..133 Details
17Miruna Mazurencu Marinescu
Feasibility correlation – evaluation for maximizing the shareholders value analysis p134..146 Details
18Miahela Diana NEGESCU
Features of financial information in the framework of contemporary trends p147..154 Details
19Stefania Cristina NEAGU
Sugar industry in the context of the Romania’s accession to the European Union p155..164 Details
20Monica PETCU
Company growth and financial balance p165..169 Details
21Monica PETCU
Methods of quality analysis. Quality costs and quality control p170..177 Details
Economical-financial evaluation of stock p178..187 Details
23Raluca RUSU
Target costing - a useful management tool for the company p188..192 Details
24Vasile ROBU
Costs and benefits for producing and providing financial information by the company p193..201 Details