Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)


1Silveszter FEKETE
Financial reporting in the context of information asymmetry, corporate governance and globalization. Implications for Romania p6..19 Details
2Elena DOBRE
The specific issues related to financial instruments disclosures p20..31 Details
3Dorel MATEŞ
Veronica GROSU
Eugenia IANCU
Risk insurance evaluation according to IFRS 4. The solvency of the insurance company, methods of calculation of the solvency rate available in the accountancy p32..45 Details
4Cristina Rodica GRADEA
A procedure of audit of performance. A case study regarding Romania p46..75 Details
5Alina Almasan
Corina Grosu
Using costs for pricing decisions in telecommunication industry p74..86 Details
Marius Coman
Modelarea şi realizarea unui sistem informatic de business intelligence în domeniul fiscal p87..102 Details
7Anca Radu
Transfer prices and multinational companies performance: implications for financial analysis p103..116 Details