Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)


1Romana NEGREA
Tax planning within arm's length rules - an empirical study of foreign-controlled subsidiaries in the netherlands p8..28 Details
Alexandra MUŢIU
The impact of international regulation on Romanian accounting education p29..49 Details
3Nicoleta FARCANE
Leonora CACIUC
Ovidiu MEGAN
The application of international accounting regulations by the Timiş county’s enterprises that wanted to be listed on the capital markets p50..63 Details
4Camelia Iuliana LUNGU
Dilemma of measurement alternatives. The general model for measurement of financial statements’ elements p64..82 Details
5Cătălin-Nicolae ALBU
Nadia ALBU
An investigation of the organizational learning valorization within the use of Balanced Scorecard p83..105 Details
6Iulia JIANU
Concepts de maintien du capital p106..117 Details
Robert ŞOVA
Anamaria ŞOVA
The decision support systems: a knowledge-based approach p118..133 Details
8Luminita Hurbean
The evolution of ERP systems in e-business environment p134..142 Details